Looking for a fulfilling career?


At Pentagone, there are multiple career and developmental opportunities.

Are you passionate about your career? Do you distinguish yourself with your will to succeed and by the quality of your interventions? You will soon be noticed!


To work with Pentagone is:

  • The pride to be part of a company from Quebec with a strong regional presence and more than 40 years of experience.
  • An environment that favours a close relationship between managers and employees.
  • Recognition for your passion, your accomplishments and achievement.
  • Multiple and flexible schedules.
  • Generous discounts for the employees.
  • A flexible group insurance, which protects you and your family.
  • A schedule compressed to 4 days and a half during the summer period (head office only)
  • Corporate discounts for your greater well-being
  • An incentive salary program linked to performance.